Sean K. August

Businessman, Financier, And Author





Who Is Sean K. August?

Sean K. August is a distinguished American businessman, financier, and author who founded The August Wealth Management Group in 2019. The firm’s clients include high net-worth individuals, businesses, and renowned institutions. As CEO, Sean provides firm oversight, financial planning, investment plan design, and portfolio management for his longstanding clients. With past experience managing assets at some of the world’s largest financial institutions, he draws on the insights and experience of preeminent wealth managers to achieve success.

Sean began his career on Wall Street as a stockbroker at National Securities Corporation, and subsequently moved to J.P. Morgan, where he became a top-performing stockbroker and business specialist, earning numerous awards and recognition. He later worked as a wealth advisor and financial planning specialist at Morgan Stanley’s global headquarters in Purchase, New York.

Driven by a desire to work for a firm that values morals and ethics, Sean founded The August Wealth Management Group, which emphasizes shared entrepreneurial endeavors, psychological well-being, and financial freedom. He has extensive experience in preserving and growing wealth for individuals, families, and corporations, and is dedicated to helping his clients develop effective overall financial strategies that integrate their investments, tax, and estate planning.

Sean places significant value on teamwork and cooperation and works closely with outside advisors, consultants, attorneys, or tax professionals to enhance the likelihood of achieving financial security for his clients. He is also committed to personal and professional development, having completed several professional designations and Executive Education courses.

In 2020, Sean established the August Publishing Company, an independent publisher that has created the Self-Education Series. This series was designed to introduce children to the concepts of financial literacy, entrepreneurship, and other essential life skills that are often excluded from most public primary school curriculums. Our objective is to provide children with the essential resources to apply this knowledge proficiently in their daily routines. We strive to foster independent, innovative thinking, and problem-solving skills in our readers, which consistently stimulate, exercise, and motivate their imaginative abilities.

Sean and his family divide their time between New York, NY, Miami, FL, and San Juan, Puerto Rico. He enjoys creative writing, collecting, visiting marine aquariums, and spending time with his children, Jacob and Savannah. He is deeply committed to community outreach and serves as the Vice-Chairman on the board of directors at Spuyten-Duyvil Preschool. For Sean, the most cherished aspects of his life are his community.


Financial Services

Our Fee-Only Private Wealth Management platform provides transparent, strategic, and comprehensive investment advice, to various types of clientele with complex financial needs, while operating within our fiduciary capacity.

Life Insurance

We offer case-design expertise and broad product knowledge that reassure you of leaving a death benefit to your loved ones, but can also help you address other areas of concern that you might face.

Creative Writing

The Self-Education Book Series was created to educate children on the basics of financial literacy.